domingo, octubre 04, 2009

POOF The Magic Drag Queen

Talking to my danish friend Henry, who came to visit to Argentina.

Henry: So, already a year you split up?
Ushka: Yeahp... time flies when you live to the fullest.
Henry: What ever happened to him?
Ushka: Dunno. One day he just took off and... POOF!
Henry: Ooohhh! He was gay?
Ushka: No, I meant POOF as in dis...
Henry: What?
Ushka: You know what? At this point, I'm starting to think Doña Olga's theory fits perfectly.
Henry: You never heard from him again?
Ushka: No, but I'm pretty sure that- and here's where I start singing- "Poof the magic drag queen lives by the queers. And frolicks in the autumn mist in a land called Homo Lee".

2 comentarios:

flor dijo...


Quizás habría que inventar un nuevo verbo para casos como estos.

-Qué pasó con él?
-Un día poofeó!

Chulian dijo...

Seguro Hans te transcribió nuestra conversación de hoy. No te puedo explicar las ganas de ser deborado por la tierra cuando me contestó.

...cosas que pasan.